Director’s Desk

Dear Students

You are living in an information age, where knowledge and information is growing at a phenomenal rate. So is the rapid obsolescence of Information. Skills and competence that was good enough in yesteryears is no longer adequate today.

subhash ghakkar

Also Dynamic and volatile global business scenario, class for relatively more confident, competent, courageous, perservant, conscientious business professionals and technocrats to make their mark in relatively tighter, tougher job market. I believe that, consistent hard work is the single best contribution to success regardless of the field chosen, yet the fact remains that, in the present circumstances, the right choice of career and the right choice of the institution goes a long way in affecting the future. Choose the institution that CARES.
By joining this institution I can assure, you will become a part of dynamic and innovative academic environment. The institution is continuously involved in improving its teaching learning facility including the use of latest technologies and encouraging participative, interactive and personalized student teacher relationship.

We Look Forward to meet you

Wishing you great success

Dr. Subhash Gakhar